New Feature: Power Match

In a perfect world, everyone finds the perfect roommate on RoomSync. Alas, life isn’t perfect. Luckily, we got you covered!


With our new tool, Power Match, you can easily match users together as roommates. This comes in handy when a resident:


  • Joins RoomSync but does not fully complete his/her match request
  • Wants to match with the roommate he/she renewed with (but they cannot match together because they both joined RoomSync using renewal links)
  • Is not technologically savvy and needs help matching/un-matching within the app


Matching Users Together



Let’s say the matching period closes and Johnny has not matched with a roommate.  Hop on over to RoomSync Admin and take the following steps:


1. Access the ‘Matches’ section in the left hand drop down menus and click ‘Power Match Users’
2. Select your subnetwork, room type, and the resident you are going to match in the dialogue box that appears.


The screen will populate with important information like smoking preference, bedtime, and gender. Below the user info is a list of available roommates.


3. Next to the roommate you’d like to choose, click ‘add to room’


The two users – along with any roommates already matched with either of them – are now matched. It’s as simple as that! Note that when users are power matched they are not notified by RoomSync.



Un-Matching Users


If you pair two roommates together by mistake, you can always remove a user from his/her roommate group.


1. Access the ‘Matches’ section in the left hand drop down menus and click ‘Search For a User’
2. Enter the name of the user you’d like to un-match in the dialogue box that appears and click ‘Search!’
3. In the results, click on the user’s name.  The user’s profile will appear in a dialogue box
4. Next to the ‘Roommates’ section, click ‘Leave all roommates’


The user you selected is now no longer matched in a group!  If you need to ‘break up’ an entire roommate group, you’ll need to repeat these steps for each of the roommates in that group.


Note: When a user is unmatched from a roommate group, they are not notified by RoomSync.

What’s Next?

Have questions about how to use Power Match in your network? Suggestions for how we can make this tool even better? Reach out to us at with your questions and comments.


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