New Research: Off-Campus Portfolio-Wide Implementations eBook

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Learn why implementing RoomSync portfolio-wide is the best choice for off-campus housing management companies. Dig in to the technical details of successfully rolling RoomSync out to multiple properties at once. Discover setup details of our most recent company to go portfolio-wide, EdR.

Excerpt from our newest eBook:

What is the current standard industry practice for implementing new roommate
matching systems?

It is most common for a property to choose a new system and get approval to implement that system separately from
its sister properties. Most communities use RoomSync independently from other properties within their company’s

This has become the standard practice due to:

• Third party owned communities
• Different needs for different teams
• Demand varying by market

But, we’ve learned that this practice is not always best.

With the current industry practice:

• Communities don’t have corporate level support.
• Processes among properties are not consistent and streamlined.
• It’s all too easy for a property to fall under the radar. Issues or potential issues with RoomSync rollout may not be noticed.
• Staff turnover isn’t always reported to RoomSync. Thus, the need for updated admin accounts and new admin
training may not be detected.
• Companies miss out on pricing discounts. Maintaining a corporate level contract for their entire portfolio provides
multiple-property deals.
• Corporate teams don’t have control over how networks are set up and used.
Corporate teams don’t get regular reports on network insights at the property

Portfolio-wide rollouts offer:

• More cost effective results
• More successful implementations
• Easier systems for property level teams to manage
• A deeper partnership between management company and RoomSync
• More likely that residents will get all the benefits of using RoomSync”

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