Launched: Google Sign-On

RoomSync, the leader in roommate matching software for colleges, universities, off-campus student housing properties, and conferences, announced today the release of Google Sign-In as an additional registration option for RoomSync users who may not have a Facebook account.

In the past, RoomSync required Facebook credentials to join the app and find a roommate. While many users still have Facebook, the company believes providing more options for users will result in higher user engagement and, in turn, better roommate satisfaction. With the introduction of Google Sign-In, RoomSync provides an additional secure registration option that is increasingly popular with today’s college students. More than 85% of teenagers have a Google account to access Gmail, Google, or YouTube, making Google the most popular social account for U.S. teens.

“We are extremely excited to provide Google Sign-In to our users. Google represents a secure and easy way to create a RoomSync account for the vast majority of our users,” said Robert Castellucci, RoomSync’s President and CEO. “Google is only the first step. We plan to release more login options early in 2019 to empower users around the world to easily and securely find their roommate using RoomSync.”

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