Roommate matching software that is
integrated mobile social customizable efficient empowering

Residents Find the Perfect Roommate…

For residents, there is nothing more important than who they will be sharing their living space with. RoomSync gives them powerful tools to find the perfect roommate.

…And You Control It All

As a housing administrator, RoomSync gives you a powerful back-end system to manage the entire roommate matching process from start to finish.

Customize lifestyle questions, academic majors, matching rules, language and more.

Run reports for matching groups or lookup individual resident matching status.

Auto-match residents quickly and easily by percentage compatibility scoring.

Integrate roommate matching data seamlessly with your housing management software.

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What is RoomSync?

RoomSync is the leading roommate matching software available for campus housing, student apartments, and more. RoomSync uses innovative technology and the power of self-selection to empower its users as they find the perfect roommate. RoomSync is accessible on computers and iPhone & Android mobile devices.